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VERY special session

Very rarely does a photographer get the opportunity to create images for a family that touch her to her core. This family, this pregnancy, this baby is all of that and more.

Meet Theresa. Never have I known a woman whose spirit is so infectious. She's the kind of person who always smiles and draws smiles out of everyone around her, from her students to her many friends.

Meet Conner, a brilliant little spitfire full of laughs and excitement. This 3 year old is nothing short of amazing! He is so bright and shares his joy with everyone around him. He mirrors the love and affection he lives every day.

Meet Brett, the kind of husband who loves his family more than himself, who stands by his wife, who is kind and supportive and who had to stand strong to pull his family through tragedy last year.

Last year this beautiful family was expecting a baby they never got the chance to meet. Conner does not have the brother they expected here on earth, but he does have an angel. This family's angel, Nathaniel, has guided them through the darkest nights and through the scariest pregnancy. They are now only days away from welcoming a little girl, a sister for Conner, a daughter for Theresa and Brett, to love and cherish all the more since the loss of their angel.

Meet Baby Girl B!! The final piece to the puzzle. The prize the entire family has been waiting for! The priceless treasure (whose name is a secret!) whom they are overjoyed to be so close to welcoming home!

Thank you for letting me take part in your journey and thank you for giving me the chance to document this amazing time in your lives!

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