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GENDER REVEAL of the Bell Trio

Drum roll please..........

The Bell family is happy to announce they will be welcoming two little boys and one little girl!

They are over-the-moon excited as both Mommy AND Daddy guessed correctly! A mixed-bag it is, which parents-to-be are thrilled about.

Two boys to rough-house and play and keep each other going non-stop! A little girl w/ the special benefit of 2 brothers who won't care she's a girl so they'll teach her how to be tough and hold her own..that is until they're all teenages and then she'll have the best built in protectors of any girl out there! - That's auntie's take on it at least!

No matter how they turn out, they will have awesome parents and awesome siblings (2 human and LOTS of the 4-legged variety!)

*Special THANKS to Grandma Daisy's for letting us shoot in front of her store in Boulder City, NV!*

Up next...names???????????????

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