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Family Fun at Valley of Fire

What a fun family to work with - mom (S), son (D), daughter (T), and daughter's boyfriend (C) - all quick-witted, creative and fun!

T is beautiful and with those looks comes an impressive mind! She was fabulous and spotting locations and coming up with inspirational ideas - I should hire her. ;-)

C was a great sport and made sure younger boy D was safe while scaling mountains!

Additionally they make such an adorable couple and I was so glad to get some pictures of them together!

S was sweet and fun and up for every suggestion that had her climbing rocks, hiking trails, and laying on the ground. Way to go Mom!

Then there's D. He is the epitome of laughter! Absolutely hilarious he had a joke about every situation. My favorite was while I was climbing a nearby boulder to get a better angle and mumbling to myself, "Don't die." He yells up, "If you die, does that mean we have to take selfies?" I almost fell laughing so hard. NEVER a dull moment when this kid is around!

Can't wait to work with these guys again!

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